Many people across the globe are getting enlightened about the benefits of solar energy. This is due to the continuous surge of homeowners and businesses that are making the switch to using this renewable energy.

What makes solar panels efficient? Here’s a look into the factors that affect how the panels work and how much power they give:

Types of solar panel

The solar PV system captures the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity. The efficiency of the product usually depends on the types of panels you are using:

Most efficient

Monocrystalline is the most efficient type of solar panel. It utilizes silicon with high purity. Aside from being the most efficient, this is also the most popular choice among many users, including homeowners. This type of solar panel will speed up the process of regaining the amount you invested in installing the system.


Polycrystalline is the next best thing to monocrystalline. The main lure of this type is that it is priced lower than monocrystalline. It is capable of making sufficient power for an average residential owner.

Least efficient

Thin film has the least efficiency among the three. To generate enough energy, you will need more of this, which means bigger space.

 It costs less, so industrial properties often prefer using them. However, this solar panel type is not recommended for owners of small houses or properties.


To maximize the panels’ sun exposure, your installers will determine the best-suited orientation of the panels. For this purpose, knowing where the sun shines the longest in your house or property is crucial. The most typical direction of panels installed in BC is facing south.


The efficiency of your panels will depend a lot on the amount of sun exposure they get. This is why choosing where to get them installed is crucial. 

This is something that your professional installers will help assess upon checking your property. The location needs minimal shade, and it needs to be away from trees and other possible sources of shade and debris.


The panels get the energy from the sun, but having too much exposure can also be bad. The panels may overheat when overexposed, which can affect their efficiency. The best solution is to install them with sufficient airflow accessing the panels.

Your solar panels will deteriorate over time. It is best to have them maintained and ask your installers about the best time to have the components replaced.

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