If you already have a solar system installed on your roof, can you add more panels to increase the power it generates? It can be done, but it is not as simple as buying more panels and placing them on the roof.

You have three options on how to go about it, including the following:

Add more panels but keep your inverter

This is the simplest way to get this done. This will require the help of your original installer. They will use the same kind of panels that you already have installed.

Your installer will also ensure that the capacity won’t exceed the limit of your inverter. They will compute and add panels that won’t result in your Kilowatt total to get beyond what’s required. 

Your inverter can connect to a panel system with the peak power exceeding the indicted peak power of the inverter. Keep in mind that the peak power of an inverter’s capacity is at 133 percent. 

A natural loss in kilowatts typically occurs when the panel array transfer power to the inverter. For example, if your inverter produces 2.4 kW, it doesn’t mean that the panels only came up with this much power. At this rate, the inverter panels probably had about 3 kW of power.

This setup allows you to add a few more panels to your existing system. The additional panels will suffice for the natural power loss that happens during transfer.

You can only get this done if you get the services of your original installer. They can bring similar panels that will fit into the system already installed on your roof.

Add More Panels By Replacing Your Old Inverter With Something Bigger

If you are aiming for efficiency, it is best to replace your old inverter with something that has a bigger capacity. If you have had the old one for a long time, it will be wise to change it to get the latest and upgrade the system. If your inverter is more than seven years old, it may be nearing its expiration, making this the best time to get a replacement. 

Having a new and upgraded inverter will make it easier for you to find compatible PV panels. This is another reason why it’s hard to add panels whenever you want to, especially when the system is old. It will require contacting the original installer to exact the same panels.

Install an entirely different system

You will acquire a new and separate warranty by having a new complete system, including the battery, inverter, and panels. The new system will allow you to claim more rebates, and it can be as efficient as your old one or even perform better.

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