It is not surprising to see more people using electric vehicles and turning their backs on gas-powered cars. Aside from gasoline being expensive, it is a big cause of air pollution. One proof of the significant shift of people with the vehicle they’re using is the EV charging stations you can find on many roads all over Canada. 

EV cars are cheaper to maintain. They are cleaner and don’t contribute to the carbon emission in the air. However, just like traditional cars, they need to be refueled, not with gasoline but with electricity, to keep their engines going. 

They run on a battery with limited capacity. This is why they require a power charging station, where you can charge the batteries before it gets drained. 

When you buy or lease an electric vehicle, it typically comes with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSEs), aka the charging stations. But there are instances when you will be required to install your own charging station, especially if they are hard to find in your area.

Solar Power Generation isn’t only about solar panels installed on roofs. We can also build your own EVSE. You can trust that we can create highly efficient electric vehicle charging stations. We offer services for commercial and residential clients needing lasting and high-quality EVSEs. 

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You are a step away from finding out more about the process. Call us, and we will give you a quote regarding the project without any obligations involved. You don’t have to commit. We will be more than happy to brief you about the process and provide details about the benefits of having your own charging station at home.

Tell us anytime you want to have one installed. We can go through the selection process, and we will finish off the project fast. 

Get the most out of your EV car!

You will get the most benefits from owning an electric car by having a charging station at home. While shifting to an EV vehicle after long years of using a gasoline-powered car will take some adjustments, it will be worth it in the end. With an in-home charging station, you will quickly get used to the changes.

Solar Power Generation offers reliable EVSE repair, maintenance, and installation services.