“After using electric vehicles for some time, my family realized we ought to do more. If we are to do our share in protecting the environment, we could do something bigger. This is how we have gotten in touch with Solar Power Generation. We only wanted to inquire at first to see if we could afford the installation and if we were qualified for the system. 

They were very detail-oriented. It was a delight talking to one of their personnel. One phone call gave us all we needed to know, and everything went smoothly. The good thing about our solar system is that we now use it to power our home and the electric vehicles we own.” – Charlie Thompson

“Our company is an equipment and system designer for solar electricity. We have established a good reputation in the Canadian PV industry for more than 20 years.

We’re proud to be part of Solar Power Generation since they started. They are professional in all their dealings with us, other collaborators, and most of all, with their clients. It has been a smooth-sailing ride from day one. We appreciate their vast knowledge in the installation of solar products and the latest when it comes to solar energy.

As a licensed BC electrical contractor, Solar Power Generation continues to expand its knowledge by undergoing a number of our seminars and training. We regard them highly for their dedication to uplifting the industry and ensuring their clients get what they deserve.

If you are considering installing a residential or commercial solar PV, look no further. We highly recommend Solar Power Generation.” – Vincent Te, President

“I was apprehensive because I did not even know what to ask when I first approached Solar Power Generation. All I knew at the time was I wanted to have solar panels installed on our roof. I was surprised to learn a lot after talking to one of their staff. They readily provided me with the expected costs and what the work would entail. After agreeing, they took care of everything. They handled the permits and paperwork. Installation was also fast once everything had been set. It was the wisest decision I’ve ever made. Thank you, Solar Power Generation! Highly recommended.“- Andrew Smith