You can now customize your residential solar electric usage no matter where you are. This is by having a smart home system installed in your residence. 

The system allows you to assign tasks to your appliances and monitor and control them. You can choose the mode of the appliances you’ve chosen and activate them whenever needed. This is a good way of reducing your environmental footprint and total energy cost.

How do you get full control of your PV system? 

  • You can customize the automation of your energy consumption. Doing so can lower the charges of any new NEM 2.0 usage.
  • You can make wise decisions based on the weather trend and seasonal analysis.
  • You can track your PV generation and how much energy is used at home.
  • You can monitor the value and performance of your solar system.
  • You can view a real-time display of your power usage.
  • If you want immediate savings from your solar system, it is best to buy one for your residence with no monthly payments. 

Choose the Right Product

To have a smart home solar system, you must purchase a smart home energy monitoring product. It can monitor the energy consumption of your entire home by having sensors installed in related equipment, computers, lights, outlets, and breakers.

A good product can also track and monitor the energy produced by your solar panels. You can view all information using web software or an app. It is accessible via your computer, phones, and other gadgets that can be connected to the internet.

Why is this product essential? As long as you have a top-tier monitoring product, it will be easier to make smart choices on how you use electricity at home.

This high-tech gadget makes life easier by sending you a weekly energy consumption report via email, giving an alert on your budget, and making it easier to read your energy bills.

Easy Energy Monitoring Device

Choose the right product, and you will enjoy all the benefits it is capable of delivering. Since it is connected to a network, you will get a real-time display of power usage, automation, and control of all your smart devices at home.

It allows you to set if you want to check and track the system performance of your PV on a daily or monthly basis. This will make it easier for you to check the changes in your consumption patterns. You can make quick comparisons whenever needed.